About Ceroc

Welcome to the World of Modern Partner Dancing!

We are here to help you take your first steps in to partner dancing, but first you are probably wanting to know more about Ceroc?

Ceroc is the modern fusion of many different styles, watching two people moving together on the dancefloor you can see the styles of Ballroom, Latin American, and Rock 'n' Roll all combined together into an awesome display of Ceroc, and even better than that, Ceroc can performed to many styles of music, including today's top 40!  

Ceroc is pronounced 'sir-rock' and started life as 'cie le rock' - French for 'this is rock'. Ceroc is an international dance style with teaching methods that you can count on to work. What you learn, you'll be able to dance for years to come.

  • It's EXCITING!  You can step out of your comfort zone and dance with many different people in one night to a variety of music

  • It's a dance for EVERYONE!  No bookings or partner required, you are welcome to just turn up.

  • It's ACHIEVABLE! Just one 45 minute lesson could be all it takes for you to learn new dance skills to dance the night away and wow your friends.

  • It's exercise in DISGUISE! A whole evening of dancing certainly counts as exercise.

Welcome to Ceroc Dancing in the Greater Wellington Region!


To make sure your Ceroc experience the best that it can be, here at Ceroc Kapiti-Hutt we have nationally recognized teachers, champion dancers and helpers to tie up all the bits and pieces that make your dance night run smoothly and provide the maximum amount of fun.

During an evening of Ceroc we play a wide variety of music including todays Top 40, music you grew up with, tunes you hear on the radio and rhythms and beats that you'll love.



Explore our website, check out our Gallery of Photos and Videos, then when you are ready to get started check our dance calendar for a time and location that suits.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon.  When you see any of our teachers or crew around.  Grab us for a dance!

Contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.